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  • Research, design, implement comprehensive teaching module on science, civic sense
  • Interview social change agents working @ ground level
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Friday, April 15, 2005

Scaffold: India News

Since this is a new venture, for now atleast, I tend to look at every thing through the lens of Blog. Since I spend half of my internet time reading news, I thought I would post some good ones here. Since it might take some time for a good issue to discuss OverTea, it will be a good filler too!

What did Vivek Oberoi do to a battered Tamil Nadu village after Tsunami?

A Good educational development in Chennai, India
The Hindu

New Airport at Chennai?
The Hindu

Disclaimer: All the news links from this or any post in this blog is simply obtained by using Google search. I don't get paid for posting any link. I don't mean to force anybody to read any article over the other. I don't mean to breach any copyright rules. If I do breach any that you know, before going to the lawyer, let me know in clear terms what I am breaching and what I should change (Not that I have millions to give away) .


Anonymous said...

good idea.. i read all three..big homework..itha pathi ne enna nenaikara....

Badhri said...

Which one are you talking about?