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  • Start teaching science at school and incorporate demo
  • Research, design, implement comprehensive teaching module on science, civic sense
  • Interview social change agents working @ ground level
  • Pilot peer-to-peer teaching programme

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Oh well...OverTea

Oh well! I have started blogging. Let me tell you all first up. I am not trying to be the "kewl dude" always coming up with different and never-thought-of ways to make my fellow bloggers envious. I mean, now that I have started blogging, how different can I be from the pack?

But I should have a reason to take the initiative, right? Well, I don't always have a reason for things I do, but it so happens that I do have a reason for this. There is someone I know who believes that I have wonderful writing skills which he/she said (and I quote) I am "throwing into the trash can" and that someone suggested me that I should start blogging. I don't want to name that someone of course, because I like him/her and don't like him/her being laughed at in case some body thinks I am bad at writing. So anyway, I thought "Blogging, huh? What are the best and worst case outcomes?" The best case: there are going to be a few people responding to my blogs and discussing things OverTea. If I am allowed to get too optimistic, I will probably get some messages admiring how good my posts and writing skills are (Hey come on, I am allowed to dream!). It sure will encourage me to seriously think about a career involving a lot of writing. The worst case: I will discuss things all alone OverTea. Well, that sure is not too much fun, but then, not all the great writers attract large crowd. Don't you agree? (Don't you get it? I am still good at writing!!). I decided that I will give it a try.

So, what's with this title? While I don't want to be the "Kewl dude", I don't want to own a blogspot thats all words and no meaning. I propose, to express my views and discuss good and bad things that go around the world, just like most of us do OverTea (and hence the title). I welcome your opinions, for and against, as long as they don't get personal. So, come on! join me for a cup!

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