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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Scaffold: Blog!

Do you know what is the BusinessWeek cover story is? Blog!!

A story about the BW cover story about the BW cover story!! (Can check out the cover of BW here!)

Now that BW has a cover stoy, it seems other sources can't avoid talking about it! Here is an article
in MarketWatch!!

Don't get too excited! Blogging is not always great. It can make or break anyone's career! Here is an example to learn from!

Disclaimer: All the news links from this or any post in this blog is simply obtained by using Google search. I don't get paid for posting any link. I don't mean to force anybody to read any article over the other. I don't mean to breach any copyright rules. If I do breach any that you know, before going to the lawyer, let me know in clear terms what I am breaching and what I should change (Not that I have millions to give away) .


Anonymous said...

enna nee ...overaaa disclaimer ellam ezhuthara

Badhri said...

Hello! If people can get fired (as the third link in the blog says), they can get sued too!