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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Scaffold: India

NY Times news item on india's networking market

Can India shed the poverty monkey from its back?
NY Times analysis.

A good coverage of business and politcal news about india in BusinessWeek
  1. Dogfight Over India
  2. From Cricket to Kashmir?
  3. India: Bigger Pharma
Forbes' list of India's 40 richest! (photo from Forbe's Magazine)

Medicine in India is cheap and effective...and slowly noticed in the internationally.. here is an example from The Hindu

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Priya said...

all nice articles.. badhri, news column poi padikaadha ennaku un blog romba usefulaa irukku...

Badhri said...

Thats kind of the idea! and keeps the blog updated when I dont really have anything to say!